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  • Nutrition

    Many people take supplements for their bodies, hearts, or muscles; but forget about the most important organ in their body – the brain. The science and research of the benefits of proper supplementation for brain health is overwhelming. We have passionately engineered the best brain health supplements so you can have the healthiest brain now and as you age.

  • Research

    The science of brain health and medicine is constantly changing and evolving. Memory Care Labs’ team of scientists keeps their thumb on the pulse of the latest research, so you get the best information and products that are available for your brain and body.

  • Education

    Taking care of our brains and bodies needs a holistic approach. There are many critical, yet easy to implement solutions that have been shown to help our brains perform in their optimal state and protect against the negative effects often associated with aging. Our team is committed to delivering this message and provide tools for a healthier brain.



Join our movement to end Alzheimer’s and Dementia.   A portion of every purchase goes towards research to find a cure.

Our Story

Everyone has a story. A family member, a friend, or a neighbor that has experienced memory-loss as they age. It’s terrifying and the statistics are even worse. According to the Alzheimer’s foundation, every 66 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, this isn’t an inevitable fate. There are no cures or absolutes for treating age-related cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s, but there have been proven actions that have been shown to help prevent and slow the progression of cognitive decline that is so devastating.

Dr. Brian Straub

Founder, Memory Care Labs

The science has shown that some of the most important elements include a healthy diet, physical exercise, proper sleep, social activity, mental activities, gut health, and proper supplementation to fill in the gaps.

This last one is what really lit our fire--Proper Supplementation.  As a Pharmacist, I know that the currently available prescription medications are only Band-Aids. We are at a point in healthcare where we can’t cure these diseases. We can only help to prevent or slow their progression. After seeing some of my own family members experience dementia, I set to the research. My mission was to discover what non-prescription, clinically researched, natural supplements are out there to improve brain health, especially for the aging brain. I was on mission to figure out what would be safe and effective for my Grandmother, my Dad, my siblings and for myself.

As I made my way through the data, I was convinced that there were a select number of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and phospholipids that can provide some pretty impressive benefits for the brain. I searched for these supplements to take myself and soon realized that to purchase them individually would cost a fortune. I then searched for combination products, but none of them fit the criteria I knew was needed. The supplements I found all had proprietary blends that did not show the strength of each ingredient used. This told me that subclinical doses were most likely being used, as this is a common trick. On top of that, some of the most popular supplements that you see on TV have incomplete and misleading data.

At Memory Care Labs, we stand as a company to create trusted products that have been meticulously researched and passionately crafted to help protect our brains.

We are more than just a nutrition and supplement company. A portion of every purchase goes to research in the quest for the cause and cure of Alzheimer’s. We have a personal, vested interest to do everything we can to improve the health of brains around the world.

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